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Dev Teach: Mad Mexican and Barry Gervin

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:05 AM

There's been some discussion about a “Mad Mexican” here at Dev Teach...I'm not really sure what its about though...Jason Row posted something about it...

Just sitting in Barry Gervin's talk on source control with team system. It's a great talk, and he's included lots of examples of how companies set up their source control policies...very kewl, and something to think about for back home.

For instance, he talked about one company that doesn't allow junior programmers to check anything in. Instead, using team system, they shelve their changes and a senior developer verifies their code.

In another instance, he mentioned that with new laws for publically traded companies, tracability in who has access to putting functionality into systems has increased. A branching system has been implemented in one company, where there's a main trunk that all developers have access to, but that has a QA branch where only testing occurs. From there, the code is then promoted to build. You could add in as many branches of validation in there...doesn't need to be just one level of QA.

Interesting talk...almost lunch time.



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