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First day of Dev Teach

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 10:28 AM

Day 3 in Montreal has begun, and i'm writing this as I wait for my laptop battery to recharge in my hotel room (missing the third session, but no biggie...still two more to go and the two this morning were great...more to come on that in a sec).

Last night was a blast. We went to this Irish pub downtown and watched the hockey game...well, had intentions of watching the hockey game, but ended up talking about:

How scotch is made
Trying to get a wi-fi connection so we could get the hotel phone number and contact people back there
Making fun of my laptop while trying to get a wi-fi connection on Jen's laptop
User Group stuff
How Donald used to do rodeo and has had numerous injuries, one that nearly cost him his “boys“
The art of artificially inseminating a cow
The cost of Team System
Why Nolan hates mornings and why we'd never be able to get along in the same office before noon


I also found an awesome store on St. Catherine's that I want to check out tonight...its got novelty type shirts, and one of them is a blue shirt with the word TABERNAK! on it (in French they swear by saying things found in and about churches...and I used to work at a place where we'd say this all the time...). There was also some other kewl shirts they had...whether any will fit me, we'll have to see.

Tonight Jean-Luc is taking us to the best place to have Montreal Smoked Meat. I'm looking forward to having a break from burgers and having something a bit healthier...and what could be more healthy then a pound of smoked meat on a sandwhich?



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