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One Night in Montreal

Monday, May 8, 2006 3:53 AM

Ugh...how can it be 7:30 already? Oh that's right...its really 6:30 back home...gotta get used to this time change thing. Anyway, had a great first night in Montreal. I met up with Don from Edmonton and we ate at La Cage Aux Sports. Great sports bar/restaurant chain in Quebec...food was really good. I got a scratch card because of the type of credit card I used to pay, and won a free app...so I guess we'll be heading back there at some point this week for another game.

Got back to the hotel, and found that Nolan Zak had gotten in and was looking to stretch his legs after a 5 hour flight, so at 11pm-ish, we hit St. Catherine's. It was amazing to see so many people out on a Sunday night downtown...and from what Nolan was saying (he was here last year for Dev Teach), non-Sundays are really busy as well, so I'm looking forward to some festivities during the week.

Funny story of the night was when we passed this one club (and all these “clubs” are is narrow staircase going up somewhere and a seedy looking guy trying to convince people to come on in), and this guy says to us “Gentlemen, I think its time to grab some boobs.” We politely declined, but man...I'm not in the west anymore toto.

Very safe feeling even late at night in the downtown area, which is something I wouldn't say about Winnipeg. Now, that might just be me being naive about what issues Montreal faces in their core. There was one scene that was a bit troubling. There were alot of kids that were sleeping on the steps of churches, or in ATM lobby's to keep warm. You just hope these are backpackers that can't afford a hotel or hostel so they're making do, and not youth that are disadvantaged trying to survive. But again, I'm still on my first date with this city so I'm sure I'll learn more about the city as the week goes by.

Alright, enough typing...time to get ready and meet the rest of the UG summit peeps. Should be good times.



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