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The Jesus Pan!

Friday, May 5, 2006 11:43 AM

This is just too funny...and although expensive, I think I'll probably end up getting this as a gift for someone.

It's the Jesus Pan. Yes, the Jesus Pan. It's a pan with an image of Jesus lifted on the surface, so whatever you cook with ends up with the image of Jesus on it.

Think about the possibilities! You could totally freak out your deeply religious Roman Catholic aunt by serving her an omellete...but wait...what's that in the omellete?! OMG, it's an image of Jesus! And hilarity ensues.

Or, you could just make a grilled cheese sandwhich and sell it on EBay...although as more people buy these pans, I don't think it'll be as rare over time.

Check it out for yourself: www.jesuspan.com



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