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So close...

Friday, May 5, 2006 7:47 AM

Dare I say it, I had fun writing the 70-301 this morning. I had fun with the 70-300 as well...I enjoy project/process type of discussions, and the 301 was chalk full of them. I started to feel a little too confident going down the stretch but tried to keep it in my head that it wasn't in the bag...which was a good thing, because...well, it wasn't in the bag.

Passing was 700, I got 674. Yeah, that's right...I missed it by 26. Wow. If I'm going to fail something, at least let me fail big...don't jump out of the crowd and tackle me before the finish line. I looked at my transcript and was stunned...what could have gone wrong? I had mostly full bars all over the map...if I got such a low score, it didn't make sense. I even studied all the areas that Redmond Mag gave tips on “Although all areas are covered, there's greater focus on Envisioning and Planning”...so I focussed on Envisioning and Planning.

But then I looked down...and saw a big...empty...bar. I absolutely bombed whatever the exam evaluated knowledge of the deployment phase on. So even though I got full score on envisioning, and close to full on Planning, Building a Team, and Stabalizing...somehow...SOMEHOW...I answered every deployment question wrong. How odd.

But, I'm not going to let this get me down. It validated for me what I had wrongfully feared: that I am ready to pass this exam. Most of my experience has been focussed on the envisioning, requirements gathering, planning, etc., and truthfully I haven't really been key on alot of deployment aspects of projects, so this even helped me realize what areas personally I need to work on.

So I'll book the re-write for two weeks from now and spend some time studying in the interim. That MCSD is close...I can smell it...



# re: So close...

damn that's close... you can do it dude!!

5/5/2006 10:33 AM | Chris Williams

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