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Wood Working Geeks

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 7:39 PM

Y'know how people always make fun of geeks because they go on and on about their computer this and xbox that and process other etc.? Well...I realize now what its like. I went out with some guys from church tonight for some time at the driving range and then to Boston Pizza for some grub. While there, they four of them began talking about saws and planes and such...but...in a very geeky way.

They were talking about brand names, and buying tools for the sake of having them and not because they actually needed them, and which hardware stores they frequented...I was blown away. I was in the midst...of Wood Working Geeks.

It was the weirdest feeling having absolutely no clue what these strange words were they were saying. What's a miter (sp?) saw?! And then I committed heresy. We started talking about Lee Valley, which they hold with the same reverence as us geeks do for Best Buy or Circuit City. I made the statement “Oh yeah, we had to go there once...” and I was mocked for “HAVING” to go there, as if I should have counted my blessings for allowing Lee Valley to accept my money and for letting me in the door...it was all so...surreal.

Then I tried to be funny by mocking the name of said hardware store (edit: in a girly voice). “What sort of girly name is Lee Valley?” which I was responded to with a chorus (yes, a chorus...in stereo) of “Well, no one would SAY it that way...ppffft”. Seriously...I was owned by wood working geeks.

edit: I just remembered another comment that was made: if given the choice between the Victoria Secret Catalog and the latest Lee Valley Catalog...they said they'd take the Lee Valley one...hard core wood working geeks.

They even talked about how awsome non-power tools were, and how great the feeling was to use manual tools...OMG, is this what WE are like?! Luckily I was able to steer the ship back on course and we started talking about one of the wwg's new 15” Intel-based Mac Powerbook, and then started talking about operating systems and what not...so at least I eventually fit into the conversation...but man...it was weird for a while there.

Not a fan of the breaded wings at Boston Pizza either...not enough sauce on them...



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