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Worst Busker EVER

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 11:09 AM

So I was walking back from lunch today, and as I walked I passed many different people. Some people were holding a hat, hoping to collect some change from a generous passerby. Some were selling sunglasses out of their car, or running hot dog carts. And normally, I'd also see a busker or two...those entertaining/musical people that offer some form of amusement or enjoyment for just a few quarters or loonies/toonies. Today I saw what had to be the WORST busker in the world. He was a musician. He was on a busy street corner, and he was playing his heart out on his instrument.

A snare drum.

Think about it...you're walking by, and all of a sudden you have this guy beating out...something! I mean, how many of us can identify a song based on the drum beat?! This poor old woman was covering her ears waiting for the light...people walking by were covering their ears and making not-so-nice faces at him. I wish I had my phone with me, I'd take a picture of it and post it here...it was wild.



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