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DOA Movie and Losing Habs

Monday, May 1, 2006 7:29 AM

Found on Slashdot this morning that there's going to be a movie adaption of DOA coming this summer.

My first thought: another horrible game-to-movie adaption, but after seeing the trailer it doesn't look half bad. It's almost like a Charlie's Angels 3 type of slant to it (it focusses on the girls, naturally...although there are some guys from the game as well...odd, they didn't really feature them in the trailer...I wonder why...)

Go Google it to see the trailer (I had to click through a bunch of sites to find it...not on Apple's trailer site yet).

In other news, looks like the Montreal Canadians are squashing my plan to see a home playoff game in Montreal next week. Just like the French from accross the pond, their motto must be “I Surrender!”




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