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Mobile Certs Needed

Friday, April 28, 2006 11:18 AM

I think that the new way of catagorizing people into “Technology Specialists” and specific Professional Developer categories is excellent...but I really think that those that work solely in the mobile realm get shafted. I mean, the majority of devs do web development, or windows development, with some web service/database/etc. thrown in here and htere.

But the more I work on mobile development, the more I realize that you need people ho have a firm understanding of the challanges that are associated directly with creating applications for small devices that have huge UI and connectivity challanges...and those people deserve their own certification IMHO.

Why not create a TS: CF 2.0, TS: Smart Client, and then a MCPD: Mobile tree of certifications?

Anyway...just thinking/blogging out loud.



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