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Apprentice Post: Bryce's Winfall

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 6:46 AM

Congrats to Bryce for getting fired from The Apprentice last night. No really... I mean that.

I mean seriously, let's be honest about what the Apprentice is: a one hour commercial for whatever business is being showcased that night. If I was hiring for a software company, would I task my candidates to do a jingle for a fast food restaurant? No...I'd give them a technology related assignment. Not Trump...even though he's a real estate giant, he's getting his potential hires to do jingles, market cereal, and sell cars...all of which will help them in managing the building of a new apartment complex I'm sure.

His values seem to revolve around winning at all costs, yet he continues to keep mediocre people on board (Lenny should have gone last night, not Bryce...especially after Trump's comment that Bryce “has lots of potential“...so then why not keep the one with alot of potential and get rid of the one without any?). More disturbing is Carolyn and Bill's reaction that Bryce was absolutly stupid in taking such a loyal approach and not fingering someone as the issue (I would love to interview some of Carolyn's employees to see if she just puts on the dragon-lady persona for the cameras, or if she's really like that in the workplace). Bryce realized that it wasn't for lack of effort, but just getting beaten by a better team, and wasn't willing to sacrifice someone just so he could get ahead. What a novel idea: backing up your teammates! I guess Donald doesn't value loyalty unless its to him.

Regardless, this is just a TV show and not anything to get really choked up on. But in its own way, The Apprentice shows what the business side of the corporate world is like. Those of us who are in the IT side of things should count ourselves lucky. Yes, we still have our own political issues at the workplace, and yes there are some bad apples, but I think there's a greater feeling of community and teamwork on a whole that goes along with our craft. We're brought up to be cooperative through reliance on forums, newsgroups, usergroups, etc. We realize that we can succeed better as a group instead of just on our own...something not grasped in the sales world. We're more inclined to ask for help on something, where that's normally a sign of weakness in other areas of the workplace. I wonder what would happen if geeks ruled the boardrooms of corporate North America...if business would change and become more of a people-focussed industry instead of money, ego, and power focussed...

So Bryce, congrats on getting fired...you were way too high class for the Trump organization.





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