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I was IM’ing with a co-worker recently, and both of us were working on writing Unit Tests for code we had just completed. He was saying that his car was having trouble, was in the shop, and that they really didn’t know what was wrong with it.

I was going to tell him to not take any excuses from the mechanic, when the RhinoMocks IgnoreArguments()option popped into my head. I said something like “'tell him ‘FixMyCar.IgnoreArguments()’”, and it was a downward spiral of geek humor from there.

Below is a list that we have compile from that IM, and subsequent discussions. Feel free to leave comments with your own crap.




I said to my wife:

   1: Expect.Call(GoingFishing()).IgnoreArguments().Return(true);

She said:

   1: Expect.Call(GettingLoving()).Return(null);


   1: Expect.Call(SleepLocation()).Return(LocationConstant.Couch);


Here’s the result of a bad expectation:

   1: ExpectationException(MowLawn(): Expected, 1, Actual 0)

I then suggested that the humor shouldn’t be limited to just RhinoMocks, but should include C# (and other languages in general)…

   1: if ( You.Want(MyBody) && You.Think(IAmSexy) )
   2: {
   3:     ComeOnBaby.LetMeKnow();
   4: }
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