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Not sure if there's already a post about this (I'm sure there is), but I just stumbled on a really cool file share server out “there”. It's called RapidShare, and you can click here to go to it.

Essentially, you Browse your machine for a file to upload, upload it, and when it's done, it displays two links: for downloading and deleting. The cool thing is that there is *NO* browsing/searching capability to this site, so you can put family pics/vids up without worrying about it making onto eBaum's World or anything.

The download functionality is kinda hokey, because they make you wait 60 seconds to receive a download “ticket” (presumably to prevent multiple, frequent downloads). But it's still cool cuz you can upload up to 50MB at a time (fragmented files are kool and the gang too), and did I mention it's free? Files not used after 30 days get auto-nuked.


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