May 2010 Entries

PowerShell One Liner: Duplicating a folder structure in a Sharepoint document library
I was asked by someone at work the other day, if it was possible in Sharepoint to create a set of top level folders in one document library based on the set of folders in another library. One document library has a set of top level folders that is basically a client list and we needed to create the same top level folders in another library. I knew that it was possible to open a Sharepoint document library in explorer using a UNC style path and that you could map a drive using a technique like this ......

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Poll Results: Foreign Key Constraints
A few weeks ago I did the following post asking people – if they used foreign key constraints in their star schemas. The poll is still open if you are interested in adding to it, but here is what the chart looks like as of today. (at the bottom of the poll itself there is a link to the live results, unfortunately I cannot link the live results in here as the blogging platform blocks the required javascript) Interestingly the results are fairly even. Of the 78 respondents, fractionally over half at ......

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New BIDSHelper Release -
Today we released an update for BIDSHelper which you can download from here This release addresses the following issues: For some people the BIDS Helper extensions to the Project Properties page for the SSIS Deploy plugin was not available. Copy and Paste in errors in SSIS packages Updates to Parent-Child Dim Naturalizer The following features are new in this release: Analysis Services Many-to-Many Matrix Compression Roles Report General Preferences If you are interested to find out what else BIDSHelper ......

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