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I've been investigating MSMQT and immediately ran into a basic problem.  I created an MSMQT Receive port and configured it appropriately.   I then tried to submit messages using the System.Messaging classes in .NET.   I couldn't get this to work.   Every time I got an error message saying the MSMQ is not installed on my machine (which is quite true!).


I did some investigation, and soon found that indeed, you cannot submit messages to a local MSMQT Receive location using System.Messaging or any other API.   You could do this from another box which has MSMQ installed, but not from the local server.   Having said that, it is possible to set up MSMQ and MSMQT to run side-by-side on the same box (you need two NICs).   I haven't tried this, but in this scenario, using an MSMQ API locally might work.  


The suggested approach for local submission is to set up a file drop location and associated Receive location, and then bind this to an MSMQT Send port.   You use the Send port to transmit the message to your local MSMQT Receive port!   You could then programmatically save your data as a file to the file drop location in order to indirectly submit it to the MSMQT location.   You could, of course, use some other transport instead of the File adapter


I got this information from a Microsoft web cast on the subject of MSMQT.   The webcasts have proved a useful source of additional information in recent months.  What a pity Microsoft don't make this issue clear in the product documentation!

Posted on Monday, June 28, 2004 3:08 PM BizTalk Server 2004/2006 | Back to top

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I have a setup of MSMQ and MSMQT that works on a single box. If you're interested I have outlined the solution at . I tested it with a local use of the Original SendMSMQSample and it worked. The MS Loopback Adapter is of course just a cheap solution for a second NIC but it works for Development machines.

Left by Roman Mathis on Sep 15, 2004 1:26 PM

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Hi Charles,
I am trying to consume a message from a MSMQ using a windows service. The message is written in to the queue using the sample file from BizTalk installation.
c:\program files\microsoft biztalk server 2006\sdk\samples\adaptersusage\msmqtlarge\__untouched\msmqtlarge\debug\LargeMessages.dll
If I send a 5 MB message it splits and create five 1 MB messages. Could you please point me to some articles with which I can read all these message as one message from MSMQ.
Left by Grd on May 18, 2010 3:34 PM

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