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All the recent posts and comments flying back and forth about how we get treated and how we treat each other (and Stevie B of course) has me thinking... What exactly is it that people think they're gaining by being assholes?

Is it that we're all so busy, we don't have time to be nice? That can't be it, because it doesn't take any longer to write a nice comment than it does to write a rude one... and it takes even less time to say nothing at all.

So does that mean that the rude people are all bored? Looking for something to fill a void? That's an interesting explanation, but hardly a valid justification. If you're bored, get a hobby. Try doing something nice for someone else. Maybe you're bored because you have no friends, and maybe you have no friends because you're a jackass... see the pattern there?

Ok, so if it isn't a question of being too busy, or being bored, then what is it? Is it the perceived anonymity of the internet? Please... that excuse doesn't fly anymore either. This is the internet. Nobody is truly anonymous anymore. Every post you make in my blog gets me an IP address. That IP address is owned by someone who keeps records of who had it and at what time. Even if they dont know your name, they can see where you went, what email account you hit before leaving a "screw you" comment and figure out pretty quickly who you are. Count on it.

If it's not anonymity, then maybe its just bad upbringing? Is it possible that mommy didnt hug you enough? That somehow you missed out on all the good citizenship lessons in elementary school? Maybe your uncle hugged you a little too much?

The fact is, there really is no valid excuse for the way most of us talk to each other (whether its peers or complete strangers) on a daily basis, especially online. I know many folks wouldn't say outloud half the crap they post in forums and other peoples blogs. They damn sure wouldn't say it to someones face... so why do it online?

Even if you're passionate about something, whether its sports, religion, abortion, etc... that doesnt give you the right to verbally rape someone who voices a dissenting opinion.  Doing so, however, give others the perceived justification to do that to you as a result.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about any kind of “pay it forward“ huggy feely crap. I don't love you, hell I probably don't even like you, but I can still be decent to you. The bottom line is, don't be a tool. Our industry has enough tools already.

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2006 8:21 AM | Back to top

Comments on this post: Our industry really doesn't need any more tools.

# re: Our industry really doesn't need any more tools.
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Amen, brotha!

Oh, and before I forget: Screw you!
Left by Theo Moore on Jul 14, 2006 8:42 AM

# re: Our industry really doesn't need any more tools.
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Here, here! I have noticed a trend toward a-holism lately.

Nice to see you speaking out...

have a great weekend.

Left by Murray Gordon on Jul 14, 2006 9:20 AM

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