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I watched the Season 4 Premier of BSG last night (as I am sure many of you did).  I must say that I was concerned about the quality of the show given the latter half of season 3.  In those episodes, it seemed to me that the show's producers / creators (Eick & Moore) took the following tack:

"Dude!  Our show is AWESOME!  Fans love it!  It is the best show on TV.  Now let's change it and start making all those socio-economic and political statements we've been holding!"

Well, obviously, that didn't work so well.  However, with the onset of season 4 we are thrust back into the conflict...and I mean thrust.  They held nothing back in the season opener.  The combat scenes were outstanding (as usual), the drama and interpersonal interactions were back to the engaging, interesting, and well-developed, and the acting was superb as usual. 

Michael Hogan, if you are reading this, you are STILL my pick for as many awards as I can give.  When you said "I've never felt better, Bill." and smiled I was like WOW! 

Tricia Helfer is an amazingly versatile actor.  I hope she continues to grow her acting career without being stereotyped (she is extremely beautiful!). 

I could write an entry on each cast member.  BSG must be one of the most well-acted shows on TV.  Katee Sackhoff was superb.  Eddie Olmos was practically born to be Papa Bill. 

And Galactica...battled, beaten, bruised, but not broken.  She is the most beautiful ship in the galaxy.  And Mark, if you're reading this...when are you going to cave and help me build a life-sized replica of Galactica?

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