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Putting my last attempt at creating a business on the shelf...

Passed to second round of grant funding but ultimately did not receive grant.

We were looking to submit GHS for the first round of federal grants being offered for HIT Regional Extension Centers.


Green Health Solutions Inc. (GHS) a non-profit, minority owned Health Care
Information Technology Company, will support President Obama's goal of
strengthening the quality, affordability and security of the United
States health care system by providing non-profit information
technology training, non-profit information technology consulting
services, and research to help move the United States health care
system towards broad adoption of standards-based electronic health
information systems, including electronic health records.

Green Health Solutions Inc. (GHS). will accomplish this by:
1 - Retaining a board and set of advisors comprised of healthcare
industry and technology experts that provide immediate experience and
credibility in the healthcare information technology field.
2 - Retaining the services (either as consultants or employees) of
experienced technologist and industry experts.
3 - Re-training experienced technologists to understand existing and
legacy health care systems.
4 - Training technologists to understand and/or achieve certification
in new and existing technologies that can support president Obama's
health care computerization goals.
5 - Managing and/or staffing projects that help move the United States
health care industry participants from inadequate technologies to new
technologies utilizing a workforce that includes the aforementioned

Company Leadership
Hector M Rodriguez, MBA
Hector Rodriguez is Microsoft's Health Plans Industry Technology
Strategist in the Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Industry Unit. He
Focuses on working with Microsoft's health plan customers, partners,
product groups, and field resources to understand the Healthcare
industry's current challenges and to formulate end-to-end solution
scenarios to address those challenges.

Shahid Shah
CEO of Netspective, a Java/.NET enterprise architect, a Microsoft
Architect MVP, and SOA consultant/speaker that specializes in
healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration,
and legacy modernization. Served as HIMSS Enterprise IT Committee
Over the last 15 years the health IT positions held include Virtual
CTO for CardinalHealth's CTS unit, CTO of a Elect ronic Medical
Records (EMR) company, a Chief Systems Architect at American Red
Cross, Architecture Consultant at NIH, and SVP of Healthcare
Technology at COMSYS.

Shashi Raina, MBA, PMP, MCTS Biztalk Server
Principle Consultant for Enterprise Integration at 26ny specializing
in EDI and integration solutions on the Microsoft platform.

Juan C. Suero
I am a Enterprise Integration consultant with 10 years experience
specializing on (but not limited to) the Microsoft platform. That
includes forthcoming Cloud based technologies like windows Azure and
.NET Servicebus as well as Identity technologies such as Windows
I have taken some time off to study integration as it pertains to the
Health Care Industry. Hl7, HIE, NHIN, and HealthVault. I attended
HIMSS 2009 in Chicago and plan on attending further HIT conferences
such as NHIN connect training and HealthVault in June.


Strategic details...

Tellago a Microsoft Gold Partner for technology implementation.  They have Health Care experience.

Ephren W. Taylor II
Socially Conscious Capitalist, CEO of City
Capital Corporation, more famously know as the the youngest African
American CEO of a publicly traded company.  He has stated his
intentions to help and his team going through its due diligence on it.

One of our Board Members is
Hector M Rodriguez Microsoft's Health Plans Industry Technology
Strategist in the Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Industry Unit
Below is
1. Our approach to Regional HIT Centers

One of the requirements is that we are able to serve 1000 providers over a two year period.  We think
we have a way to accomplish the goals of the HIT Regional Center program sustainably, cheaply and effectively.
Current lightweight, off the shelf, open source clinical systems that
together help providers fill the goal of the federal legislation,
but refactor them and host them in Microsoft Azure Cloud
then add what is missing in terms of the federal legislation or "meaningful use"
These systems would be a suite, 2 or 3 of integrated systems that integrate with each other and integrate to other providers we service.
Reason for Azure Cloud... economies of scale, save on hosting, pay as you go.

Our strategy looks to be as friction free as possible leveraging Microsoft Azure and windows 7 netbooks a la the
following presentation from
Mark D. Smith, MD, MBA, President and CEO of California HealthCare Foundation

It looks to leverage disruptive innovation via Microsoft Cloud OS and
be used as a platform for further disruptive innovation.
Ideas from "The Innovators Prescription", a book by Clayton M. Christensen
professor of business administration at Harvard Business School

Part of our solution is also to leverage informatics graduates and
interns, particularly minority students, to help us scale to 1000
providers served in the next 2 years.
They have enough domain knowledge and enough technical skill to
interface as necessary through the relationship with the provider.
And this would strengthen the communities they live in.

Our desire is to also jump start minority I.T. or informatics graduates
into a field that will see significant growth and resource shortages
in addition to secure long-term employment that is difficult to
outsource to other countries.

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