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Superhero Happy Free Comic Book Day! I meant to write about this earlier but better let than never. I just can't let today go by without reminding everyone about Free Comic Book Today! Yep, that's right, today at participating comic books shops (which is basically all of them in my area) they will be handing out Free Comic Books. The kids and I have a blast on this day. It's becoming a holiday for us that's about as big as Easter (it's already bigger than Halloween for me since I don't really like candy, but I LOVE comic books). Yesterday we spent some time drawing super heroes (there's one I did for Reece on the left). Today we'll be driving around town hitting up the local comic shops and collecting our FREE COMIC BOOKS!

If you're curious if there's any participating stores in your area, you can check with the free comic book day store locator. Most comic book  stores don't open until just before lunch on Saturdays so you've got plenty of time to get around and ready.

Speaking of that, I'd better start getting the boys ready so we can make it in time. We want to be there when my favorite store opens because my friend's wife (Anne Timmons) will be signing copies of the stories she drew (they talk about her in the last couple of paragraphs in that article). Pretty cool to actually know someone who draws comics for a living.

Hope you enjoy your Free Comic Book day!

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Yeah, I went to Ziggy's Comics in Winnipeg today. Buzzing with activity.
Left by Aaron on May 03, 2008 3:21 PM

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"Yesterday we spent some time drawing super heroes (there's one I did for Reece on the left)."

What's his powers?
Left by Jonathan Paullin on May 05, 2008 7:21 AM

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