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Microsoft's Dream Build Play contest is in full swing. Having thrown my hat into the ring earlier, I figured now might be a good time to actually start doing some work on my entry. The competition is going to be fierce with some extremely skilled competitors, so since I calculate my chance of winning a prize to be fairly low I figure I will try and capture the hearts of the community instead. How do I hope to win your hearts? Quite simple, I plan on blogging my progress in this contest from beginning to end. I will release incremental builds of the source code and assets as I go so that everyone can get some benefit from me entering.

So in the spirit of this sharing, I present to you Day 1 of Nurf Herder. What is Nurf Herder? It's a game concept that I came up with about a year ago. It's went through several iterations (maybe someday I'll show some of the early concept ideas for it) until it finally reached it's current state. The game is a two-player competitive trivia strategy game. The goal, to get as many Nurfs as possible to the finish line. The challenge, your opponent can steal the Nurfs from you. You both protect your Nurfs and steal your opponents Nurfs by answering trivia questions. How in the heck does that work? Well, you can grab the quick and dirty design document that I typed up tonight. This is a collection of the various notes I've scribbled on paper over the past month. With the design document out of the way, the coding will begin this week.

Good luck to all competing in the Dream Build Play game development contest and I hope the community enjoys watching my feeble attempts at making a game.

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Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 8:28 PM XNA Development , Dream Build Play , XNA | Back to top

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# XNA Weekly Roundup 18-03-07 to 26-03-07
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Ok here we go with this weeks update… It has been a relatively quite week in the world of XNA; this must
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I did not understand that.
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