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XNATutorial, one of the top community sites for XNA has been conducting a series of interviews with other community leaders. The first of these interviews was with Mark Coffman, the founder of It's a great interview and really helps flush out one of the leading community figures for XNA.

Joran, of XNATutorial, seems to be planning on a series of these interviews and I'm looking forward to learning more about Joran as well as the other community figures. If you've never been to XNATutorial before, you really are missing out. One of my favorite features is the "Weekly Updates" that XNATutorial does where all of the top happenings in the community are collected and reported on. It's really a great way to catch some things you might have missed and to get caught up on what's happening around the XNA community.

I recently just finished up a two part interview (thanks again for asking me Joran!) that is currently posted at It's a bit wordy, I apparently had a lot to say, but it was really a lot of fun to do.

Check if out if you've got the time or feel like having some more ammunition to mock me with in the future...

Part 1 with your favorite person in the world
Part 2 with that guy you just can't get enough of

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# re: XNATutorial interviews an amazingly intelligent man and then they interviewed me
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I have Daniel Crenna's interview finished already. I'm just waiting a day or two with publishing it, to give you the prime spot at the top of the front page. (c:

It was both interesting and fun for me too, and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch! I'm working on an answer to your request for C# literature suggestions, for example, but I have some problems with the <iframe>s and Wordpress - they don't like each other...

Left by Joran Omark on Dec 07, 2006 9:44 AM

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