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Okay, being a speaker at Remix07 Boston is probably among the coolest things I have done professionally to date.  And I haven't even presented yet.  We had a "speaker's" dinner which included the Microsoft full time employees.  I randomly wound up sitting with Brad Abrams, PM Silverlight and Seema Ramchandani PM WPF(Avalon).  Brad will be our Keynote speaker who I will follow with my presentation on Developing with the Virtual Earth SDK.

There was a lot of cool conversation over dinner, but it got absolutely amazing when the crowd thinned out.  Me,Seema and Andy Beaulieu (more on Andy later) were talking about how Silverlight performs with or without GPU support.  Very cool stuff that is way beyond my meager knowledge of graphics, graphic cards, buffers and algebraic computations.  This was the epitome of geek speak, and yet it was fascinating and cool.

I am really psyched for tomorrow.  I think we've matured significantly since Mix '07 and it will show in the the presentation content tomorrow and Tuesday.  Although much of the content for ReMix 07 is based on Mix '07, I expect many improvements, and of course there are a good number of additional presentations.  One such presentation is "Silverlight for Casual Games"  by Andy Beaulieu.  Andy and I met up early on in the evening and hung out most of the night.  Andy has authored among other things a Silverlight game "Destroy All Invaders".  This very cool game makes use of Virtual Earth too.  It is so impressive.

I wrapped up my night hanging out with the guys from the Tampa User group watching the Yankees win in the hotel bar (I may have been the only Yankee fan in the Boston bar!).  These guys are a lot of fun.  I look forward to hooking up with them for their next CodeCamp.

ReMix07 is off to a good start.


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