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As many of us do from time to time, Mike Nicholes had a rant on his blog.  Most rants are just useless noise that makes the author feel better.  But in Mike's case, he really hit the nail on the head!  Nothing is truer than Mike's statement;

“I don't like the hours I used to waste spewing out Typed Datasets and binding them to Web Forms and then thinking that I was doing Enterprise development because Microsoft documentation had tutorials online that used the word "Enterprise". “

Hey all you enterprise folks out there, you've heard the saying;  “people don't know what they don't know“.  So if the one comfortable/trusted source of information(i.e. MSDN) says its so, who are we to disagree?  Well, I guess WE (the enterprise folks) are...  After all we seem to know what the others are missing.  That is why I started my Entry Level Enterprise Development “ELEDev” effort.  It is to train the folks out there that want to know what they don't know.  It is to right the wrongs of demos, tutorials and samples gone astray.

Admittedly I've seen a whole lot more on the web (blogs) about architecture and enterprise development than I did a year ago.  This is a great step, but let's not lose ourselves in the purity of the methodology.  Let's remember that we write what we do on our blogs to educate, assist and sometime entertain our readers.  Therefore, it may be necessary to explain the simple and the mundane stuff adnausium.  But your efforts will go a long way toward helping folks get the hang of the “right” way to develop Enterprise applications.

Please consider presenting an introductory Enterprise Level topic at your next Code Camp!



Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 9:43 PM Architecture, Paterns and Practices , Microsoft , Entry Level Enterprise , Blogging | Back to top

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