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I know this is a bit off topic, but I have a complaint about 2 company's web sites  The first is Sirius radio (  In short I had a problem, needed some help and couldn't find anything more than a phone number.  This is unacceptable in this day and age.  I should be availed to a plethora of tech support options right on the web site.  I'll grant them that their customer service rep was useful though.

Number 2 and probably more offensive is the CheckMyRebate.Com site.  This site is terrible.  Again limited help.  And what is worse (and I don't know if it is CheckMyRebate or Samsung's fault) the status for my rebate is as follows;

Your SAMSUNG / NFL PROMOTION offer was received on 11/26/2005 We have receive your online submission but we are awaiting your mail in portion to be received.

As you can see I submitted my rebate on 11/26/2005.  The message hasn't changed since then.  Why bother putting up a web site and making people register if you're not going to maintain it properly?  I've called Samsung to confirm that my rebate was received and is being processed.

Two thumbs down to these to companies web sites.


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