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Update: My presenations are now up on the NJ Code Camp Site.  I don't really think the Power Point does the presentation justice, but it's there.

Thanks to the many talented and wonderful people that attended NJ Code Camp 2005 this Saturday.  This was my first time presenting at a Code Camp and the experience exceeded my every expectation.  I came away with a lot of new ideas and I'm really excited to continue working with the NJ developer community. 

A special thanks to Rob Jackson (Microsoft), Scott Watermasysk, and Don Demcsak (DonXML) for organizing a true community event.  Nice job!  Congratulations and a job well done to my fellow presenters as well! 

(I will update this post when we have a place to push out our code and presentation.)

We couldn't have ended the day any better then with a special presentation from the guys at .Net Rocks! doing their VS 2005 Road Trip.  There presentations were awsome as you would expect and Carl was absolutely hilarious on the guitar.  If all that weren't enough, I got to join Carl, Richard and Geoff after the show for an interview with a few other attendees and presenters.  I really must correct an oversight from my interview though.  I really need to give props to Eric Evans whose book, “Domain-Driven Design”, Addison Wesley inspired my talk and had great influence on some of my comments.

If there is one learning I have walked away from this experience with, it is that I think there is a great need for training and support for beginners in Enterprise Level Development.  I barely scratched the surface on “Knowledge Crunching” and defining a Ubiquitous Language, but that was more than enough for a 1 hour presentation to an unknown mix of skill sets.  And the true target audience (RAD developers and early career developers) that I had in mind when putting this presentation together responded.  They told me, that they need more of this kind of information.  I think it is a challenge for those who do this work on a daily basis to present digestible bits of this type of information more frequently.  If we really want our peers to follow the tenants of good enterprise level application development that is the challenge we must take on as a community. 

Look around and tell me how many beginner level presentations there are on RUP, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Object Modeling or even Use Case Modeling.  I don't think there are many.  I think the reason is simply that these are very complex topics and are perhaps by nature not appealing to developers.  With the wrong title/advertisement we may scare away those that are not well versed in these topics.  Don't get me wrong, we should by no means “dumb-down”  the material, we just need to make it digestible.  We also need to help developers of all skill levels realize that these are tools/skills that will improve software they produce and ease enhancements and maintenance long term.  I don't think developers don't want to do the right thing, they just don't know how, why and when to do it.


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Your presentation was really interesting and thoughtfull. You managed to describe your approach to building custom data-binding classes in a really short time, and the model you presented looked clear, understandable and efficient. I can not relate myself to a "early career developer" - about 12 years of experience with 2 years in .NET and object-oriented approach, and still your presentation was very valuable for me. For sure, "wheels" I am working on everyday would be better from now. Thank you and looking forward to listening you again.
Left by Dmitry on Oct 21, 2005 9:49 AM

# re: NJ Code Camp - An Honor and a Privilege
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Thanks Dmitry. It is a good sign that I connected with somebody with experience as well as with folks with less experience. I think it also underscores the point that what we do on a daily basis in our jobs may not seem like much to ourselves, but has value to others.

And on that premise I hope to see more presenters at the next NJ Code Camp!
Left by --chaz on Oct 21, 2005 10:32 AM

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Just wanted to thank you for your presentation on domain driven design at the code camp in Iselin. It was a wake up call for me to find time to acquire this vital skill set.
Left by Mark Turanin on Oct 21, 2005 8:19 PM

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