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I have been toying with this idea for a while and I think it is a fitting response to Robert Scoble's “A new kind of conversation is needed With Microsoft” 

What I would like to see in a Microsoft blogging solution is the integration of Microsoft Speech technology.  It is a twist on podcasting.  It is the best of all worlds and it does a little something for the Accessibility community too.  The idea occurred to me while I was driving (waisting) 2 hours to a client.  I could have been writing (speaking) my blog or catching up on others through text to speach on my Smartphone.

Through Text Services, I could quickly create a blog entry for posting later.  Or if you really want to boil the ocean, let me immediately post my entry to the web from my mobile device, via voice commands of course.  Hey while we are at it let my mobile scoop up the latest RSS feeds and check for responses to my own postings.

While we are boiling the ocean, how about a Visual Studio blogging plug in?  As developers we have all had that moment of brilliance/clairvoyance that really needs to be shared with the rest of the world.  Sometimes we get to posting it, sometimes we forget.  If we could post from the development environment or at least tag up and extract our code later that would be great.  This may even be something interesting for Enterprise use.  It may be a new way of creating a searchable pseudo library for corporate developers.

Just my $.02.


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