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Recently, a bunch of people were caught cheating casinos by various means.  One of those ways was something that I saw first hand when I worked as a BlackJack dealer in Atlantic City back in the mid-1980's for the Sands Casino (which is now gone). 

This was done by I guy I knew who was also a BlackJack dealer at another Casino in AC just down the boardwalk.  He just wanted to prove it was possible.  And to my knowledge it happened only once, and the win was probably around 1K, and clearly not the millions these guys took.

Basically, on a dead game (no players) dealers would fan the cards out face up in 2 or 3 rows of cards.  What the dealer would do is look at the cards and would just see what a series of hands would come out of the shoe if they were dealt in the order that they appeared.  Remembering that the 1st card is the burn card.  If there were 3+ hands of 1 player against dealer that would win (including BlackJack, double downs, etc.) the signal would go out to another person just roaming the casino telling that person to sit down and play.

Then, the dealer would pick up the cards careful not to disturb the "block" of cards at the top. Shuffle w/ out mixing the block, offer the stack (6 or 8 decks was the standard then) for a "cut" - make it a thin cut, but remember a few cards that would "signal" the block. Then, just start the 1-on-1 play.  When the block would start, the betting would increase and the player would win, press the bet, and then just walk away.

So, nothing new here.  Just the same old cheat taken to a much higher level. A few years later, they made the dead games fan the cards face down - doh!  You think they would've thought of that before.  Also, one of the pit bosses that I used to work for, several years after I left, was convicted with a bunch of other Sands people for taking the casino for millions by palming checks (chips) and having the floor people and pit bosses look the other way while it was happening.  The real scumbag thing they did was palm some of the tips (tokes) that were supposed to be shared amongst the dealers.

Anatomy of the false shuffle/A7
Anatomy of the false shuffle

  • The dealer bribe
  • Training in the false shuffle.
  • It keeps the cards from interlacing after they’ve been dealt from the shoe; before they are shuffled and returned to the shoe for the next round of hands.
  • That creates a “slug” to keep a group of cards in the same order they were dealt.
  • Card counters track the cards; predict its order to get the upper hand on bets.
  • Dealers get paid per false shuffle, sometimes thousands.
  • Floor supervisors and pit-bosses can sometimes be recruited to take their cut.

    At the table

  • The “card recorder” notes values of cards dealt.
  • In mini-baccarat, cards are recorded on paper.
  • In blackjack, a hidden transmitter or microphone is used to relay the order to someone who would enter the cards into a cellphone loaded with a special card tracking program.
  • After dealing all the cards in the show, the dealer would create a slug that the card cheats recorded.
  • When the slug is hit, a signal goes out to raise bets.
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    Good article. Next time I'm in vegas I'll give it a shot :-).
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