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So I have been on the search for a new phone for the past couple of months, mostly because while my Blackberry Storm 2 is great at sending and receiving email, it really doesn’t do much else very well (except for freezing and requiring a battery pull).  Here is a little bit of background on myself, I need a phone for work, mostly to stay connected and email all of my developers around the world, however, I want a phone that is fun, has games and interesting apps, yada, yada, yada.  That is why I currently have the Storm, it takes care of the work stuff, and I had high hopes that it would also be the fun toy that my inner child craves.  I was wrong.

I have a couple of colleagues (even a mother in law) which have various Android phones and each seem like the iPhone killer that I have been waiting for….

Let me digress just a little bit, so when the iPhone first came out, I thought it was the bees-knees as my grandmother would say, however, one small problem.  It was (and still is) only on the AT&T network, and I need a phone to make and receive calls on, in addition to “needing” the awesome graphical interface and access to the thousands of apps.  If I can’t get reception in my home and at work and in-between both, then I really could not see making the switch to AT&T from Verizon just for the “phone candy” as I call it.  Also, let’s really be honest, can you really conduct business on an iPhone?  Remember emailing is an important factor in this search.

Back to the present thought….  I am really considering making the switch to an Android phone, but now a whole other problem presents its self, which Verizon Android phone should I get?  Stay tuned, as I try to get ahold of a couple of different Androids and weigh the pros and cons of each.

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