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I’ve mostly stayed away from blogging about DLinq and other .NET 3.0 goodies, because I think they’re too far out in the future to be worth that much attention.  However, I do think that Linq is worth keeping an eye on because I think it’s going to be one of the best parts of (insert .NET language here) 3.0.  And to go along with DLinq, there are some massive changes coming to ADO.NET.  I’ll follow up on these more when I feel the time is right, but for now, it’s worth looking at The ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview whitepaper. 

What EDM does for you is enables you to look at your data in your business objects on a more holistic level, at the level of abstraction appropriate for your business objects. Essentially, it lets you create a logical schema for your database that your class designers can use, and map it to your physical schema that’s been set up by your DBAs.  Later, if the DBA wants to change something in the database to make data access more efficient, you don’t have to change the code, you just change the data mapping.  Given how many different methods for data access tht Microsoft has come up with over the years, it’s almost embarrassing that they’re just now getting to this, but thank God they are.

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