April 2011 Entries

MIX11 WP7 "Help Turn This Fan-Made Windows Phone Video into a Real TV Ad"
Share with your friends, family, co-workers, people you haven’t met – I mean what a great conversation starter!! Get this awesome fan created Ad to 200k views for it to air on TV. http://youtu.be/8Xm-_gbmcM4 This is awesome work! Shows true passion of the Windows Phone 7 community and you can help show it! Bonus: It’s created by Brandon Foy from Florida ......

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Windows Phone 7 Announcements Recap from MIX11
I am very excited to help share this news with you today! I feel as excited today as I was when Windows Phone 7 developer story was revealed at MIX10 last year. I see so many more application scenarios with the new tools and features in Windows Phone 7. There has been a few announcements made at MIX11 – let me recap some of what I find important. There was not a disclosure or showing of any new end-user features. There is a commitment to delivering the next update later this year as a free updates ......

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