EU and Microsoft

Don't call me a fan-boy or a what ever your word of the week is for people that seem passionate for Microsoft products and services.

I have spend a few hours reading on the EU Rulings regarding Microsoft business in European Union.

I am quite disturbed with a few decisions and do not agree with a lot of it's one sided, discriminatory somewhat predative agenda. There are loads of market dominated products and platforms with their own protocols that are never released or published, even at cost. I do hope that if the ruling goes through that other companies are followed after in the same suit. I don't understand how such a hefty fine - will actually benefit any of the competition and empower the software market in anyways - it will only retard Microsoft business in EU and make it very cautious in proceeding with new initiative - reducing drive for innovative products to reach EU.

Just my opinion. Don't want to get into a verbal war with any one. If you feel so inclined to respond, positively or negatively to what I said - please do so in the blog, way more powerful then comments.

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Just to add to your comments... Did XP N help anybody? Heck, did anyone buy it?
Left by Matt Newman on Sep 18, 2007 10:45 AM

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