July 2007 Entries

Lost MSDN Forum Tips and IE7 Pro plug-in
1. MSDN Forum Tips - Missing alerts!?! - as read here by Julia Lerman I found lots of other things I was not properly sign up for once I checked out my Live! Alerts profile. 2. IE7Pro - a IE7 Add-In as found at www.ie7Pro.com I think this is pretty neat. Took me a few tries to find out what happened to my CTRL-F shortcut [hint: look at the bottom] Also a huge plus is the in-line live spell check. Honestly being my first priority in getting this plug in...plus who can resist checking out something ......

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Visual Web Developer Express 2008 Beta 2
If you are not running this you are writing code too slow. My weapon of choice, since I am a web developer is quick and easy [don't mistake it for weak] - VWD Express 2008! You can download VWD 2008 here. [Download page for all 2008 express and full products .] For your daily quick editing of your sites and some quickie master page building - VWD 2008 is the way to go! I have used this non stop since I downloaded it. I love every minute I spend coding with it. I actually used Beta 1 for a day, yes ......

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The face of Windows Server 2008
During my daily visit to Microsoft.com I found this - The face of Windows Server 2008 - WOW! You have got to watch a few! I get a very good and personal experience to listen the messages right from the people building the product. Each person that is speaking is expressing their passion and explains what their specific feature/product does. Huge thumbs up to the Windows Server team for getting this together. This is like mini- developer evangelism right from the source. I got a really comfy Chanel ......

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RE: AngryCoder Windows Mobile Smart Phones
This in reply to AngryCode [himself] read his post RE: Microsoft WindowsMobile on pains of moving from SmartPhone to Touchscreen-only HTC Touch. AngryCoder: Why Can't Microsoft Get Windows Mobile Right? My response/story: I used to have the very first SmartPhone Beta hardware Kit from Microsoft. Ever since then SmartPhone was an edge above PocketPC for phone use. One good form factor to come close was HP and Treo with "half-n-half" design 2/3 screen and a QWERTY input. My first real production phone ......

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Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award
Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET Words can't describe how I feel right now. It's been a long road. It's been 4 or more years since I wanted to be one of those guys who hold the magical title of a Microsoft MVP. There has been tons of people who have helped me along the way that I like to thank: Direct Mentors: Joe Healy, Brandon McMillon, Russ Fustino, Blain Barton, Tracy Hackney, Diane Curtis Some people from the Florida.NET crew: Stan Schultes, Dave Noderer, Shervin Shakibi, Keith Kabza And my new ......

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Microsoft Student Partners 2007-08

I want to congratulate all of my peers who made it to the 2007-2008 Microsoft Student Partners Program. And I would like to welcome all the newcomers! See you all at the kick-off event!

To all that have moved on and were a part of the 06-07 year - thank you for collectively raising the bar for the program - you rocked!

Nikita Polyakov
Microsoft Student Partner
[Technical University of South Florida]

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