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Yesterday was the fifth Orlando Code Camp put together by the good folks at the Orlando .NET user group. This was the fourth time that I've had the opportunity to speak at this code camp. I remember one year, I was the only one speaking on DotNetNuke and yesterday there were six sessions going on covering various topics in DotNetNuke.

There were over 500 registered before the event and there several walk on people who just showed up. The event took place at Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL which is a nice location for the event.

The toughest part is trying to find your way around campus to the building and room that you want to go to. There are signs but sometimes you just need to ask someone where the room is like I did when I asked Will Strohl "Where's room E?" which was were my presentation was in the early morning.  I just followed Will to the room which made it easy for me but there were several people in the hallway trying to find their room.

As I arrived on campus,  I walked  in with a developer from Gainesville, FL and this was his first Code Camp. He had no idea what to expect but was anxious to learn more and to network with others at the event. People travel far for these Code Camps even out of state.

Wrox publishing gave each speaker two Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET books to give out to those attending. I gave my book out to someone from Boston and the other to someone who traveled from Maryland to the Code Camp. It was also kind of cool that I was asked to autograph the book because I was a co-author.

Needless to say, the day had someone for everyone and the price was right which was FREE including lunch. Can't complain about that. Kudos to the volunteers who put in numerous hours organizing, planning, and running the event.

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