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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer

Here's some free curriculum to use for training which is not that bad to use but interesting that it would use a product that they discontinued as part of the training.

Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum

The Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum provides the foundation for teaching basic to intermediate technology skills in a hands-on manner. Designed to be used in community technology centers (CTCs) or telecenters, the curriculum provides quality content focused on real-world skill development in the areas of:

  • Beginning information, technology, and computer literacy
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Workforce development and preliminary technical certification preparation

The program is called Microsoft Corporate Citizenship and the curriculum has been written in many different languages for the world to use.

Here's a list of the courses:

Course 1: Computer Fundamentals

Course 2: Digital Media Fundamentals

Course 3: Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals

Course 4: Web Design Fundamentals- Why would they want to use FrontPage for this when they have newer products like Expression Web?

Course 5: Word Processing Fundamentals

Course 6: Presentation Fundamentals

Course 7: Database Fundamentals

Course 8: Spreadsheet Fundamentals

The curriculum comes with Instructor files, Student files and Practice files.

Message to Microsoft: Don't stop with just computer literacy curriculum. Develop curriculum for Silverlight, AJAX, XNA etc. in all languages as well.

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