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First of all, let's admit that the biggest fear we all have when using a computer is a working computer.  Let's eliminate any computer problems and go right to it. Deleting something and then later realizing that you didn't want to delete it. Like a page or module when using DotNetNuke.

If you are an administrator of your DotNetNuke site, you can go to to Admin->Recycle Bin to do this. Over on the DotNetNuke site, you can view some of the help that they have there for this.



Here's a listing of what pages and modules were deleted from a site. Remember, just because they were deleted doesn't mean they really are. They were just flagged. These pages can be either restored from the Recycle Bin or deleted permanently.

Word to the wise on restoring pages. Remember to restore a parent page before a child page. Why? Your child page will have no where to go if you restore that first.

Some of the pages and modules that you have deleted have been accumulating for a long period of time and have sat in the DotNetNuke Recycle bin. Time to do some Spring Cleaning and and finally delete this information.


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