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I arrived early at the airport and met up with our Microsoft local leader Joe, Devfish, Healy. Joe was in high spirits banging away on his keyboard at 7 am! Joe drove from Tampa to Orlando to take  the Alaskan Airlines direct flight to Seattle. Joe feels so committed to the MVP program that he makes sure he has money in his budget to go to this event and hook up with the user group leaders at this event.

Shawn Weisfeld, a C# MVP and Onetug leader, was next to arrive at the gate.  We all boarded the plane and arrived in Seattle on time. It was a long flight and the last hour of this flight drives me crazy. I try to read, watch a movie, and do some computer work on most flights. I was able to sleep a little and ditched the computer on the trip.

Shawn and I shared a cab to the hotel and left our luggage there to head over the the Convention Center where we registered, missed lunch, and saw the tail end of Sean O'Driscoll's talk on Social Networking.  Interesting to note as I was listening to Sean that many new versions of DotNetNuke will incorporate Social Networking.

Next, I attended what was called an Open Space Event. Basically, this meeting was run by an MVP and unstructured and had a topic and everyone in the room just added content to the topic. The one I attended was quite interesting on Building and Sustaining a Gamer's Community. Most of the topic surrounded parents responsibility in understanding the type of game their child was playing. Back and forth it went on that. There are some sites that explain this to parents but the video console has taken over the television as a baby sitter and parents are either too busy or don't care about the game their child plays.

I went back to the hotel to check in after 3 and I was quite surprised that I had to wait for a room. After a long trip and no lunch, this wasn't good. I waited 45 minutes and finally I was able to go relax a little.

I headed back in the rain to attend the Open Space on User Groups- Best Practices and Opportunities.  Our Orlando DotNetNuke group is relatively small and probably will remain that way because it is a select group that uses that product vs having a group that uses all of Microsoft Dev Tools. It was interesting listening to leaders who have large groups and have either face to face meeting or virtual meetings. Everyone wants to get good speakers and there was much dialogue on that. This session was very worth it and I'm glad I went.

Microsoft is scanning your badge to track where you are going. Same as having members sign in to meetings but just electronically.

There was an hour before lunch to meet up with your MVP lead. Unfortunately, I tried to meet up with Mike Frosmire but he wasn't at the table when I showed up so I was with many of the Florida MVP's. I did meet up with Joe Brinkman from DotNetNuke Corporation and spoke to him about the upcoming DNN University we plan on having in Orlando on June 8th.  I met Joe in Orlando at the Orlando Code Camp.

Richard Kaplan from Microsoft welcomed all of us and asked the new MVP to raise their hand and I was very surprised at the number of new professionals.

Finally, dinner and I was starved. I tried to find the Florida folks table but the room was enormous. I sat down and introduced myself to a new MVP from Grand Rapids Michigan. We talked about the program and some of the things he was doing. That's part of the fun of being here, meeting new people and learning more.

Today is a busy day with a bus trip to Redmond and learning more about XNA, Silverlight, ASP.NET.  

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