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My students have learned enough XNA for them to be able to create their own 2d game. They are ready and anxious. One of the requirements was for them to give me an idea of what the game will be and what will be the game play.

So, as we start to develop these games, here's a list of what they will be doing:

Helicopter Frenzy- The object of this game is for the player to make it pass all the enemies with a certain score. The players will need to be able to move and fire the helicopter at the same time.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail- This game will use characters from this hilarious movie and will be a simple shooter game. Based on the scene in the movie where King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table are having animals flung at them, this game involves using your own trebuchet to fend off obnoxiously rude Frenchmen, undying Black Knights and killer bunnies. The player of the game plays the part of King Arthur operating his trebuchet from an overhead perspective. In front of you is the French castle and a vast expanse of open field. Your job is to use different barnyard animals and fling them at your enemies before they can reach you. Every time you defeat a wave of enemies, you get closer to the castle which in turn gets you closer to your goal of the Holy Grail, but also gives you less time to fend off the incoming bad guys.

Sonic- The object of this game will be Sonic moving to the right of the screen and having him kick and jump on enemies to eliminate them and get points.

WW2- You are a specially trained pilot tasked to clear part of the Pacific of all enemies with your advanced technology. You will have to fly expertly to make it over the main enemy island and destroy it. All of the free world is counting on you. Don't mess this up!

This is a sampling of some student games. I'll put up some screen shots as they progress.


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