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As a kid, I always had fond memories of my Dad throwing me a popfly ball and catching it.  That was fun! Even with my own kids, I enjoyed throwing a popfly ball to them and smiled when they caught it.

So, when I was invited to join up with Microsoft Popfly, I had a hunch it would be fun and it is.

Popfly Space is a social network designed to connect the millions of non-professional creators in the world who work on everything from mashups to game development to hardware hacks. Users can build and share projects using Popfly Creator, or for more advanced users, Popfly Space provides an easy way to upload and share Visual Studio Express projects to the world.

What intrigued me about this site and joining with the community was the sharing aspect of it. I always told my students that no matter what they knew they were required to share that knowledge about technology with someone.

I too have shared my knowledge of computer science education with my colleagues and with anyone that wanted to listen. That's why I developed a webpage with my thoughts on teaching high school students XNA game programming.

Popfly is a new community where you can design a webpage, design a mashup, and design a block and share that with others in the community. There's a plugin that allows you to share your visual studio express project with others.

As my students get good at creating XNA games, I was thinking that this would be a great site for them to create a webpage and share that game with others. I know they can share that game with the XNA creators club but I thought that this would be a good community where students might be able to establish contacts with other students and developers as well.

I'm still learning how to create things in this environment and I'm having fun learning.

Check it out!

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