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I got permission from the speaker at the MVP Summit last week to blog about some of the things that I learned last week at the Microsoft MVP summit. The session that I attended was on emerging technologies in education and they talked about three products. The products covered were multipoint, steady state and grava. Today, I'll write about steady state which is also called shared computer toolkit. Computer teachers in computer labs, libarians who manage computers and school IT department will like this product and not because it's FREE either. This group in a school is constantly checking pc's in the lab to make sure settings have not been changed by students. It really is a full time job for someone to have to go around to each pc and change the settings back to where it should be. It is quite a head ache as well! This product as demonstrated at the Summit will do the following: Defend shared computers from unauthorized changes to their hard disks. Restrict users from accessing system settings and data. Enhance the user experience on shared computers. How this works is that the toolkit helps to protect user privacy by refreshing the desktop, user settings, and user data each time a new user logs on. Bottom line is that the teacher can set up each pc in the lab to store on the network drive only and not the C: drive. The pc can be set up to only use Microsoft Office and not some other software for that class. No printing for that class is allowed so the printer can be disabled. Once these settings are in place then each user who logs in can't mess around with any of the settings on the pc. The computer gets refreshed when the student logs out and the new student who logs in gets the same settings. If you go to the website @ you can find some case studies of where the product has been used already and how nice of a product it is in a library or school settings. You can't beat the price either as far as being free. Check it out! I'll write about Multipoint later. Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2007 8:53 AM | Back to top

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