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So today is March 2nd and the new ultra mobile PC codename Origami from Microsoft is suppose to be announced but according to their official/unofficial site at more information is coming on Thursday, March 9th.

It's always nice to anticipate something that's geeky and the competition is heating up for this type of device.

According to different sites, these devices can play back music, connect to WiFi networks (and possibly Bluetooth devices), and has enough power to handle graphics work and games. Like Tablet PCs, Origami makes use of a pen input device, as well as buttons on either side of the screen.

Even the Scobolizer is blogging about it. Being a Microsoft employee and governed by the famous NDA forms he signs not much is being said by him but his blogging topic has caused a fury of other bloggers talking about this new umpc.

So lets wait and see if the hype was worth it!

 suggested retail price of $500 or less

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