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I haven't posted a recap lately, because the Virtual Brown Bag recordings weren't being uploaded for a while. That was fixed two weeks ago, so I had a lot of meetings to catch up on. Here's an all-you-can-eat brown bag buffet…

March 3

Guest presenter Jim Christopher - creator of StudioShell, a deeply integrated PowerShell host available inside of Visual Studio 2010 and 2008.

StudioShell exposes many of Visual Studio’s extensibility points in a simple and consistent way, and it makes the Visual Studio DTE interactive and discoverable.  What an add-in does in a compiled binary, StudioShell can accomplish with a one-liner.

March 10


  • Options for uploading files to a Rails/MongoDB site
  • Chrome developer tools
  • George Mauer shares some useful extension methods

March 17

Jonathan "JB" Birkholz shows off his "CodeMav" site

March 24

Alan Stevens: "KickAss Ruby" - Rails development on Windows

March 31


  • Rails authentication & authorization
  • S#arp Architecure / Templify
  • Git branching

April 7


  • CleanCoders & code school - online video learning
  • "What the hell was I thinking?"
  • JavaScript design patterns
  • We discuss some &%$#'s blog post: "Why I don't hire .NET Programmers"

April 14


  • object mappers: ditto & AutoMapper
  • Mono for Android
  • Rails / web development help sites

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