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I took the day off work today to "attend" mvcConf: the Virtual ASP.NET MVC Conference, and had a great time.

Thanks to all of the presenters and organizers of the conference. It was a huge success, and I'm sure that like me, most of the attendees hope there will be another soon. It was amazing how smoothly everything went. There were only one session cancellation and very few technical difficulties (I experienced none, but people in the chat rooms reported a few - apparently some connections had a few problems, and I'm sure some complaints were due to PEBKAC).

I'm not sure how large a "broadcast" Microsoft Live Meeting can handle, but there were more than 500 attendees at Scott Hanselman's midday keynote.

All sessions were recorded and will eventually be made available. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the sessions I missed, and to re-viewing some that I attended. (When the videos are released, the speaker ratings may help you decide which are worth watching:

Here are a few notes on the sessions I attended:

  • jQuery & MVC: John Petersen - This was a beginner's guide to jQuery, so I didn't watch the whole thing, but what I saw looked like a well-delivered introduction to an indispensible tool that's the second-best thing ever for web developers (I'm reserving first-best for the death of IE6, which should sometime around 2037 - sigh).
  • Solution Architecture: Jeffrey Palermo - A pretty broad topic for a one-hour session, but Jeffrey had some good thoughts about how easily architectures can get overly complicated, and shared his evolving ideas about his Onion Architecture (maybe it will evolve into a Parfait Architecture!) and trying to balance the DRY and KISS principles.
  • Put your controllers on a diet: Jimmy Bogard - By far the best session of the day. Jimmy started with a bloated controller and, using tools like custom action filters, custom action results, and of course Automapper, made its methods lean, mean and clean.
  • Making apps testable: Eric Sowell - Nice tips on testing controller actions and mocking objects (like Session) that were not easily mocked (although often scorned and ridiculed) with WebForms.
  • Extensibility in MVC 2: Roberto Hernandez-Pou - A thorough, yet fast-paced overview of all the major MVC extension points
  • T4MVC the Magic String Killer: David Ebbo - I've professed my love for T4MVC before on this blog. It was a treat to see the man who created it showing it off. A new version was released this week that I haven't had time to check out yet. I'm also definitely going to check out Chirpy and its T4MVC auto-update powers (not to mention its minification and validation functionality.) David also stepped in with a 20-minute overview of the new Razor view engine after an earlier Razor session was canceled!
  • MVC3: Phil Haack - More about Razor (this time with syntax highlighting), plus "global filters", and big IOC improvements. Big news: Preview 1 should be released by the end of the month. 

The only improvements I can suggest for the next time are:

  • short descriptions of each session - It wasn't always obvious from the titles what the content would be
  • telling presenters what screen size (1024 x 768 is good - Not everyone watching has giant monitors, and it's nice to to see the presentations without scrollbars) and resolution (Almost every session started with the facilitator asking the presenter to reduce the resolution to "deposterize" the display) to use.
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