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It was actually much easier than I thought to create a template for re-use with Mac OS X. It turns out its actually a feature of the OS for the most part. 

Pick a file you wish to use as a template, perform the Get Info command (Command I) from finder on the file. One of the options is a checkbox called Stationary Pad. Check this option which lets the OS know that this is a template.

Now you need to tell the system what application this file is a template for. In my case I wanted to make a simple template for TextWrangler which is the primary text editor I use for web development. To do so you move the file you have marked into the appropriate folder for the application.

These folder live in the users Library folder ~/Library/Application Support/APPNAME/Stationary/ 

If there is not already a Stationary folder at the location for your application it is unlikely that your application supports system templates. But if there is, just move the file you marked to the folder.

In my case I moved the file to ~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Stationary/

Now inside the application from the file menu I can select New From Stationary then select my new template!


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