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I am a Project Manager and Developer with an emphasis on Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management systems.

With over 20 years of experience in large and small systems design and implementation. Currently based in the Raleigh NC area.

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I have a 16gb iPhone 5s and a 16gb iPad Mini. Both were down to a little over a gig of free space. I was not worried yet but I was getting close to worrying. Then iOS 8 was released and I installed the 8.0.1 point release that caused so many issues. 

In an attempt to downgrade the phone I did a full erase and reset, after backing up of course, and when I did the restore I mysteriously had 5 gigs of free space!!!

At first I suspected the restore had not completed, but after an hour or so of using the phone I was convinced that it indeed had fully restored. So where did the free space come from?

While I am still not entirely certain, my best guess is that apps that I had deleted were not in fact entirely gone. But when I did the full reset followed by a restore they did not come back. 

When I upgraded I did so via iTunes not the OTA install. And the space available before and after the iOS 8 install was roughly the same anyway. 

So, I decided to test the theory and backed my iPad up. Then did a full factory reset and restore, and poofI I also gained roughly 5 gigs of free space on my iPad!

Not sure how useful this will be to anyone else, but I thought it was interesting!



Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 3:05 PM Ramblings , Apple | Back to top

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with the upcoming iphone 7 you don't need to rest your phone to get more space because the new iphone 7 coming out will be 128GB storage , that space is moer than enough for a smartphone
Left by upcoming iphone 7 on Apr 30, 2015 6:05 AM

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