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In testing out the new BizTalk 2006 feature of having Recoverable Interchange Processing I ran across settings in the pipeline component that also have to set up correctly in order for recoverable processing to work properly.  You'll get a compilation error (Saying its unsupported) if you set Recoverable interchange processing to True and also have Validate document structure set to True.  It seems that once recoverable interchange processing is turned on, the disassembler component splits up each message within the enveloping separately thus making the validation of the entire document impossible.  Messages that are picked out of the interchange but are not successfully processed are placed in the suspend queue.  However, unlike BTS 2004, we ARE able to continue processing the rest of the messages independently of the others within the same interchange.  One thing that I've heard to look out for is when you are trying this with a flat file disassembler, when it is setup to ignore the header, and thus the header-less message is sent to the suspend queue (for various reasons) and this message is guaranteed to NOT be resumable as it no longer has a header to help properly identify it once it is re-processed.  I haven't tested this out yet, just something I've read about. 

My bud Stephen Thomas put up a good sample for this.  There are mulitple samples on his site, so download them all and go to town.  Enjoy.

Get it here.



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