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For the past few months I have been working on a pet project to integrate a 3D car racing game with back-end services hosted in Windows Azure. It has been a really fun project to work on, and has been a great learning experience for using Azure services for game services and telemetry processing, but also getting a look at the world of game development, 3D graphics, and developing physics engines for games.

An Introduction to Red Dog Racing


Red Dog Racing is a 3D driving game that makes use of back-end services hosted in Windows Azure. Sector and lap time data and telemetry data is send from the game to the Windows Azure Service Bus. A worker role is used to de-queue and process the data and store it as entities in Windows Azure Table Storage. Telemetry data is also sent to Windows Azure Blob Storage to provide the game with a replay function that displays ghost cars for the fastest laps driven by other players. The best lap times, overall standings, and driver telemetry data can be viewed on a website.

I have used the game as one of the scenarios in my recently published PluralSight course Windows Azure Storage In-Depth, to show how I use Queues, Table Storage and Blobs to process and store  lap time, telemetry data and replay data from the game.

I will be presenting my Game Services and Telemetry Processing in Windows Azure session at a number of conferences over the next few months.

  • Azure DevDays – Helsinki, 21st March
  • TechDays The Netherlands – The Hague, 16th – 17th April
  • DevSum – Stockholm, 21st – 23rd May
  • Techorama – Belgium, 27th – 28th May
  • NDC – Oslo, 2nd – 6th June

I’ll also be hosting one-day workshops with hands-on labs based on the game at NDC in Oslo, and DevSum in Stockholm, and including labs based on the scenario in my Windows Azure In-Depth training course. I will also be delivering one-day workshops based on the scenario to companies and training centers.

If you want to learn more about telemetry processing or implementing game services in Windows Azure, or would be interested in a Windows Azure training course or workshop please feel free to contact me though this blog.

In future posts I will be digging deeper into the implementation, and sharing my ideas about what makes Windows Azure such a great platform for developing scalable data storage and telemetry processing applications.

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