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Part of my post-graduation lifestyle changes are the most relaxing ones - reading for pleasure rather than for graduate school, and playing games. While learning XNA I have surfed around looking at the growing amount of indie games.

My favorite game site is Great Games Experiment, a games social networking site where you can upload games and rate new and old games. This site has turned me on to several indie games, and even older games that I had forgot about. For example, the code for Star Control2 was released to open source and has a SourceForge project that has converted it to run in Windows, called the Ur-Quan Masters, and is complete with sound.

I also like the Experimental Gameplay Project, which has several indie games that show gameplay that thinks "outside the box". Many of these games are produced on short timelines (one day, one week).

One of my favorite new games is Crayon Physics. The sprites look like they are drawn in crayon and you draw on the screen to create shapes that have to interact with the world. The object is to get the red crayon ball to roll to the star.

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