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Xbox 360 v2 codenamed ZephyrRecently, a few photos have popped up on the Internet of a very interesting change in Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox 360. From what inside sources say, the next generation of consoles to come out of Redmond will feature a true HDMI port on the back of the newest version, codenamed Zephyr. This HDMI port will give the 360 the much needed capability of true digital 1080p support. Aside from this, further updates include a cooler 65nm processor, and a new 120Gb hard drive.
There's no word yet on whether or not the new HDD will come inside the new bundle, but its regardless a welcomed change for Xbox enthusiasts. One much needed upgrade that has no word of actually coming to light is an internal HD-DVD drive. It'd make the package a lot cleaner, but appears to have missed the boat on this revision.
Prices are expected to remain the same on the console to keep the competition with Sony and Nintendo stiff, and these changes are expected to hit the shelves soon. No official word has been released yet, however.

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