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So I'm in Chicago, attending the Microsoft .Net PAC, it's -8C, it's nearly Christmas and I take warmth shelter in Virgin..... and then I find the Zune section! 5 minutes later minus $270 I'm the proud owner of a Zune (Well 2 actually I got one for the Arch BizTalk Hacker as well!!!).

Rush back to the hotel, discarding packaging as I go and then.....Vista! I have an Acer 4000 64 bit running 64 bit Vista and....64 bit XP. Try to install Zune software....Vista not supported.....reboot....XP 64.....try to install Zune software....You haven't installed XP SP2 so no install...but this is XP 64 there is no SP2!!

Hit the web.....try everything but still no luck. I'll just have to wait till I get home and borrow my wife's Laptop!

On my web hunt I did discover some great stuff:

IPOD video/audio/TV cable is  useable with Zune - Pin out comparison

Non-64 bit Vista can be made to work with Zune - Zune of Vista

XP Pro 64 bit working with Zune - 64 bit Zuning

Zune repair and MOD guide - Taking apart your Zune 


That's all for now!

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2006 1:09 PM Life , Vista , Microsoft News | Back to top

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