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When Microsoft came out with C#, many embraced it instantaneously; whereas, others took some time to adopt it. Over time, the number of C# developers grew in a major way. I would not be surprised if the number C# developers have surpassed the number of VB .NET developers today.

Recently, in a similar manner, we are observing the continuous growth and maturity of ASP .NET MVC. When the MVC framework first showed up, my first reaction was “it's about time”. However, I was skeptical. MVC framework is maturing at a steady pace, and many new features are constantly being added. More and more developers are also starting to adopt it. But can it replace traditional ASP .NET? Traditional ASP .NET is very mature with it's rich controls and easy it use functionality. Most importantly, it's very widely used. I doubt traditional ASP .NET can be replaced so easily. Well.... maybe it doesn't need to be replaced. If Microsoft continues to dedicate resources to MVC, maybe it will evolve like the way C# did. Then maybe traditional ASP .NET and MVC will coexist just like the way C# and VB .NET do.

Posted on Monday, January 17, 2011 10:22 PM .NET , General | Back to top

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