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There are plenty of programmers in the market looking for jobs these days. Are they all great developers? What makes a good developer great? Many programmers sometimes fill their resumes with technology buzzwords because that's what gets recruiters' attention. Maybe it's a necessary evil. Hiring managers can't go through thousands of resumes, and recruiters need a way to filter candidates out. So, recruiters also look for specific technologies, and methodologies in candidates' resumes. After the candidates go through the screening phase, hiring managers may put developers through a grueling process to pick the right candidates. However, it's still difficult sometimes to find the right person who possess the foundation as well as the drive that makes a great developers.

In my opinion, knowing certain technologies and a few methodologies don't make a person great developer. A person should possess the ability to solve problems. Programming, application design and application architecture is like a puzzle. One should not only utilize the appropriate methodologies but also find a way to put complex puzzles together. It's very common for programmers to be involved in a smaller subset of a bigger system. Some programmers tend to focus very heavily on the task at hand without paying attention on the bigger picture; in turn limiting their abilities. Maybe, that's what sets people apart. We hear many phrases like 'thinking out of box', 'going the extra mile', 'expanding your horizon' and 'being resourceful'. These are the qualities are often very important in developers. However, it's also very difficult to judge these qualities in a people during an interview process.

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I would think the short answer to this question is yes. But then again, a good anything is hard to find.
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